Hi and welcome to my site.  My name is Wil and I live on the coast of southern Maine.

My hobbies include; going to the beach, the movies, shopping in New York City, hiking, biking, kayaking and rollerblading.

I love to laugh, hang out, be cool with my friends, easy to get to know, easy to get along with, plays well with others.  Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy your stay.

I suppose if your here then you must be a little curious as to who exactly this character is;

I was born and raised on the coast of the US.  Returning home after serving my country, I’m back on the coast and playing with computers to pay the bills.

Shy at first, I’m just a regular guy who appreciates honest, open minded people.  I am just me – I don’t try to act out a role for the world around me – I’m pretty much “what you see is what you get”.  Take it or leave it, I don’t mind either way.

Although my interests vary, I enjoy; surfing the internet, watching movies, and traveling – just to name a few.  I try to stay in shape by running a few times a week, hiking, bicycling, and rollerblading – well … spend most of the time on my butt doing the last one.  My favorite thing to do is just to kick back and relax with friends – laughter is good for the soul.

The way I see it, each new day is a brand new start.  Life is so unpredictable – you can go from your lowest point to your highest peak all within a matter of a day.  Everything is so very exciting – sometimes I feel like a little kid when I catch myself looking at the world around me in awe.  Life is something to be cherished and embraced every single day.  It’s so sad to me when I see someone who seems so miserable with their own lives.  I just want to take them, shake them, and say, “wake the fuck up!”

No, I am not a cheerful person all the time.  I have my mood swings, my bad days, my drama queen moments, but all in all I live by two rules:
1) regardless of how bad things may seem, they can always be worse.
2) Do onto others as you’d have done to you – yea my friends, karma rules the world.

To know more, just ask.